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dedicated to the art of rock excavation

“clean, straight loadable blast holes”

All of Finndrill’s drilling and blasting are done with its fleet of 13 Tamrock and Driltech brand drill rigs, including CHA 1100s, Pantera 800, Pantera 1100, Driltech D25KS, Driltech Gator and Titon 500. Finndrill says the range of applications, versatility and ease of use of these drills make them the ideal choice for it’s business – and for it’s 

Finndrill Inc., a Midwestern drilling and blasting contractor, serves a wide variety of customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois and Indiana. Finndrill and its fleet of versatile Tamrock and Driltech drill rigs from Sandvik Mining and Construction produce 15 to 20 million tons of aggregate material each year.

The most important reason a customer-oriented company such as Finndrill uses Tamrock and Driltech drill rigs is the equipment’s hard work in the trenches. “We can get in and process the material our customers want,” Drilling and blasting is 25 percent of the overall cost of crushing in the quarry process. But that 25 percent affects 75 percent of what goes on in a quarry. That’s where the big costs are. If we improve on the 25 percent end, our customer makes more money.”

About Us

Founded in 1994, by Patrick Garven and Jussi Kivisto, Finndrill created a distinction among it competitors by providing clean, straight, loadable blast holes, drilled at the correct location and to the proper depth.  This philosophy has provided the basis for the company’s success and growth.

Our principle services include: 

  • Drilling
  • Blasting
  • Mechanical rock excavation
  • Quarry management
  • Face profiling

 Our client work is focused on: 

  • Aggregate quarrying
  • Dimensional stone quarrying
  • Road cuts
  • Site work

Mr. Garven and Mr. Kivisto bring a combined 60 years of experience in the drilling and mining industry to Finndrill Inc., and are members of The International Society of Explosive Engineers; Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association; and the Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin. 

Rock excavation technologies and methods are rapidly changing. If you are tired of the same old results, produced by the same old methods; and you want the project done right, done cost-effectively and safely, call Finndrill, Inc.

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500 N Spring St Port Washington, WI 53074